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Had a lovely (but long) day in London yesterday, but totally worth the hours. Penguins of Madagascar is hysterical and definitely will entertain all ages. Personally, I think John Malkovitch deserves a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in it. The kids had a smashing time, they got goodie bags for having brought their penguin toys with them, and although I think my friend Naomi and I may have laughed louder than anyone my children, they loved the film and the attention.

The Barbican is currently running children's animation workshops/drop-in sessions, and my two got to make their own animated animals and learn about the filming process. I'm told their "feature" may be available on-line at some point, so will link to it if it is. (And when I say feature, I'm talking minutes, here:)

The divine [ profile] cleo_jay joined us at the pub, where the kids were equal parts squicked and fascinated by the game hanging up in the place. The food was good and the prosecco inexpensive, so it was win-win for everyone!

Aaaaaaand, because we were right next to the Museum of London, we stopped in to say hello to this handsome fellow.


We then met the multi-talented [ profile] joan_waterhouse, who'd been at RADA showing them her stuff, and we all caught up with the latest fandom gossip, exchanged early Christmas presents, and talked a load of shit for the next few hours, before the kids and I had to hop on a NW-bound train.

Can't wait to meet up with all the loonies again and do this some more over the next few months.

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Yup, it was awesome, I laughed and cried through the whole film. IT IS A MUST, MUST, MUST SEE - I'm not joking here, folks. The [true] story is amazing and the performances were flawless. The soundtrack, by Alexandre Desplat (whose name Potter fans will know), is evocative and simply gorgeous.

The viewing was made even more poignant - if that were even possible - knowing that along with the cast, Turing's family were in the audience with us.

We actually had tickets to the film the following day as well, and it was even better the second time around.

Had a brief, but nice exchange with The Man on the red carpet and again a little later after the show (and shook hands), and had the bestest time schmoozing at the after party.

Here's a couple of photos )

Okay, it did occur to me that for the most part, the only celebs I mingled with were both CGI motion-captured characters from The Hobbit, but that was just kind of coincidental.
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Tomorrow I'm off to London for a few bottles of lunch and a couple nice reunions.

IF I can be trusted with my phone (I've already sent messages to two random people this morning in a vain attempt to wish [ profile] legolaslover77 a happy birthday - hope they like True Blood), I'll tweet/text some updates, and try very hard to make them topical and not just a continuation of my rant about ID fic, which I'm just now finding time to catch up on.

Not promising anything.

What's everyone else up to?
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So, I'm moving next week and hopefully, by the end of the month, I'll be back in the fandom saddle, ready to tackle [ profile] mini_fest and [ profile] hd_remix. What I'm not so ready to tackle is the impending appearance of all my in-laws for the holidays, so I'm ignoring that for the moment.

I am monumentally sorry for missing everyone's birthdays - without the LJ prompt, working from two phone diaries, as well as work being hellaciously busy, I've been TERRIBLE about remembering. I didn't even get [ profile] ladyoneill's card to her in time, and I've known when her birthday is for the last 30 years! I've tried to PM or comment to everyone I've missed, and if I've forgotten you, please tell me and I'll post some fitting remark or pester you via PM. *irons ears and makes remembering birthdays NY resolution*

This is a flying visit but I'll bore you with this meme just before running away again.


1. Of all my senses, I value my sense of smell most. It is the most evocative and grounding sense I possess. And in case you were curious, coffee is my favourite smell of all.

2. I used to slash Jason and Speed Racer. Racer X was mine. ALL MINE!

3. I actually enjoy doing laundry.

4. I love wellie boots almost as much as [ profile] cassie_black12 loves mittens.

5. It's no secret I'm a fan of ink but I'm not the first person in my family to have tattoos. Unlike my great aunt and uncle, though, I was able to choose what they were and where on my body they should be.

6. Boy by Book of Love is my all-time favourite song ever. This will come as no big surprise to most of you.

7. I'm more than a little depressed that I can no longer donate blood/bone marrow or any of my organs.

8. I have two favourite fandom boyfriends. In character, one of them is 30 years younger than me and the other is 1,953 years older. Funnily enough, they're both the same age in RL (at least for half the year).

9. Although I've always had cats in my family, and I love them, I really, really want a dog. A big one.

10. My fandom name is made up from the names of a real baseball player and a fictional astronaut.
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Hi all, I won't be around much in the next week - the kids and I are off to Edinburgh to visit my in-laws. And of course, I still have a million things to do. Rather inconveniently, Mr Nursedarry is currently sitting atop a wind turbine in the Irish Sea. What makes this particularly annoying (aside from not having him here to help pack) is that:

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary! )

Some of you on LJ were coerced into attending the festivities in Seattle ten years ago, including my Wedding Diva [ profile] kilter, two of my beautiful bridesmaids [ profile] delphipsmith and [ profile] ladyoneill, as well as [ profile] ellie4prez, my officiant. (Who did what a lot of wedding guests do - got off with another guest - my brother-in-law. WOOHOO!) Thanks again ladies and everyone else who contributed to make the day a brilliant and very special one.

There are also two other big events in August that I need to acknowledge. On Monday, my dear old dad - and I DO mean old - is going to be 98. We're already planning the party in 2015. He's a wonderful man, and has so many great stories to tell. Since he likes to talk as much as me, I think I've heard them all now!

It's also my children's birthday next week. They're outgrowing shoes and clothes faster than I can get new ones and they have the most ridiculous smiles with mouthfuls of different-sized teeth. I've played Tooth Fairy in the last year more times than I can remember! (And when I say "played Tooth Fairy", I mean I say "Go get 50p from Mummy's purse", because I'm getting tired of staying up to do it and Mr Nursedarry always forgets!)

Anyway, here's a picture of the old man and the young man when we were visiting the States last year. My father is in a wheelchair in this pic as he'd just had a small op on one of his legs right before we visited. He's back up and around now, albeit slowly.

I love how they both seem to have the same appetite, especially for chocolate cake. )

And because his sister will get jealous if I don't put something in here for her,

here's the little SlytherPuff in the local paper from when we went to the town Fair a month ago. )

Finally, the contracts for the house have been signed and we hope to exchange in a few weeks - we need Mr Nursedarry home for that - and then YAY, that big, beautiful 218-year-old Georgian house is OURS! In a funny coincidence, the new-build house we were going to buy has been purchased by our vendor's father and the family whose house we're buying is moving into that whilst they house-hunt for another.

Anyway, all for now! No doubt I'll be drunk-tweeting most of you from bonny Scotland.

I suck!

Jul. 30th, 2013 05:57 pm
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I fail at fandom at the moment. I apologise and hope to make amends, but don't expect too much too soon - RL, as good as it's been, is eating my brain!

* I love my new(ish) job. I say newish as it's the same job, but in a different location. Which means I have to learn a completely new geography and work with completely new people. Which I love, as I've said, but also requires a lot of time and energy at the moment.

* I love my new town. (See above for excuses for why this is taking up time and energy.) It also means kids are getting used to a new school (or they were before summer holidays), are making new friends and are wanting to go everywhere of interest in the NW, which means (see above).

* We've found a great house we want to buy. It's large, full of character and 218 years old, which means extensive and expensive surveys and delay, delay, delay. I'm on the phone almost every day arranging things to do with the purchase. BUT, when it's ours, it will be brilliant, because it's going to be a great place for having friends over. Wo0T! And family. Wo0T? Which yes, means we may be hosting the family Christmas, which is going to (see above blah, blah, blah).

* My health is getting better and better. I've been slowly fixing all the fiddly things that needed fixing but that got put on hold during the cardiac woes (teeth, primarily), BUT as the nearest NHS dentist is 10 miles away and the kids need to go there too (see above, yadda yadda yadda). Although, I'm not sure why I even bothered with an NHS dentist. Even with NHS rates, what I've needed has been so expensive, I've probably paid the difference in petrol.

Anyway, what this boils down to is that I won't be A) doing any holiday exchange fests this year and B) not attending the HP Meet-Up. *sadface*

What I will be doing is spending a week in Edinburgh during August if anyone wants to get together then, and also signing up for [ profile] hd_remix (if it's happening and there's oodles of writing time) and [ profile] hds_beltane. If I can manage it, I might give [ profile] mini_fest a go, if that's running, but I can't promise anything.

I'll pop up shortly to say happy birthday to July (belatedly) and August flisties as soon as I can sort out where to find all the birthdays - I thought even though the homepage changed, there was still a list somewhere. Help?


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All the best people were born in May. Right? *dodges tomatoes* But these lovely people and I were, so yay for us!

[ profile] naturegirlrocks, [ profile] alovelycupoftea, [ profile] stellamoon, [ profile] mijeli, [ profile] anisaex, [ profile] rubytuesday5681, [ profile] l3petitemort, [ profile] khasael, [ profile] megyal, [ profile] kilter, [ profile] bookwoman17nm, [ profile] mayflo, [ profile] magicalsibylle, [ profile] sashaminx, [ profile] selana1505, [ profile] lotus_lizzy, [ profile] eyesemerald, [ profile] rickey_a, [ profile] beckybrit, [ profile] eloquent_toast, [ profile] momenti_diversi, [ profile] inkpenchantery, [ profile] tealeaf523, [ profile] starry_diadem, [ profile] laila2605, [ profile] pottermalfoyyum, [ profile] bryoneybrynn, [ profile] dysonrules, [ profile] lillithium, [ profile] sylentnighthowl, [ profile] syrenslure

For us, I have some more cookies!


Yes, we're moving to the rhythm of life, of love, of spring. Okay, that just sounds stupid. Actually, I'M moving, hence I've chosen these cookies.

At the end of May, just after my big day, we're off to (sunny) Lancashire, where I'll be taking up the very same post of Screening and Immunisation Co-ordinator for the Lancashire Area Team. We're moving to a village outside Preston, closer to grandparents, where the kids already have places in the village school and we already have our eye on a lovely house that we can actually afford - YES! I haven't owned property since I saw that first ultrasound scan and promptly sold my flat in Edinburgh to buy a bigger boat car and two of everything!

For anyone feeling compelled to get me a present, please just vouchers from, iTunes or IKEA. Of course, anyone who'd like to get me one or more of my fandom boyfriends, that'd be cool too. Otherwise, I will be more than delighted with virtual hugs, sweets, kisses, fic, art, v-gifts and NWS photos. THANK YOU!
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Michael McMillian ‏@McMillzz
K-State stinks! Rock Chalk Jayhawk to the max! KU BBbbBbbbbbBbbBb! #SportzChantz!

Well, that's made my night. (I knew he was a fellow Kansan, but W0oT!)

Hmmm, no Newlin icons - this is the closest I could get.
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Attention everyone: Today is [ profile] delphipsmith's *mumbles into hand*th birthday!

I do hope you have a wonderful SS, LM & HG-filled day!

A donation will be made to the apothecary, terror organisation, library charity of your choice. (Just let me know which one.)

I love you always.
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Just FYI, in lieu of sending holiday cards this year (or spending Christmas in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary), I thought I'd give something back to the Somerville Foundation which, like you, supported me during a very chaotic year. This foundation supports adults born with a heart condition. I've signed up as a Helpline Volunteer and Medical Proof-Reader.

It's strange to think that without my mitral valve packing up, I might never have known I'd been born with Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection (PAPVC), and I was fortunate to have both repaired at the same time, exactly eight months ago. Thank you again to everyone for all your prayers and kind words.

As I feel very fortunate to be in good health THIS holiday season, I'd like to do what I can to help others be able to say the same next year.
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Those of you who know me will know I have a thing for Allan Hyde. (Yeah, all right, shut up.)

Well, a few weeks ago, thanks to the wonderful staff at and the organisers of the Vampire Ball, the video-tastic [ profile] jelly_baby23 and I got a chance to meet and interview him.

Clearly, I'm no pro: it's unlikely Mike Wallace ever asked about a favourite porridge recipe (luckily for you that's been edited from this version), and it's doubtful Kate Adie ever gazed into anyone’s eyes in order to see if all the fanfic authors got the colour right. (They did.) Thankfully, I also had some legitimate questions given to me to ask him.

So, here's the gorgeous Godric and my stupid transatlantic accent.

Note: spoilers for True Blood, Season 5
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Feel free to skip unless you're a cardiologist or just morbidly curious.

I had an assessment with my consultant today. It's been four months since my surgery and since then, I've been working through Phase III of a self-directed cardiac rehab programme, had a chest X-ray, a 48-hour trace and more echocardiograms.

My consultant - who's been with me since my proper diagnosis in January, who did the angio and made the surgical referral - said my re-plumbed pulmonary vein and the repaired valve look fine.

He's now happy for me to come off the medication I take for controlling rate and rhythm to see if the pulmonary vein ablation procedure has worked and if it will control my atrial fibrillation.

I'm going to stay on Warfarin for the time being, but can come off it for short periods in order to have minor surgical procedures, which is good news. I'll be reassessed in six months' time with a 72-hour trace and another echo. I can now swim, start Phase IV of rehab at the gym, (provided there's a defibrillator on site(!), and pretty much do what I did before.

There's a chance I'll need the valve replaced in future, but for now, it's all good. Today I walked the four miles to and from the hospital and almost cried, when I consider that four months ago, I couldn't even walk up the stairs in my own house.

Finally, here's a topless photo of me. )
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And I got mine today to see THAT CHEST *cough* I mean to see THAT MAN in all three of his races (T44 100m, 200m, 400m finals).

He's the sweetest nicest guy who tweets with his fans and is really grateful for all the foreign support.

I might have a spare ticket going for a couple races, so if you're keen to attend, let me know. All gone.
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Remember this post waaay back here?

On December 19th last year, I took my first day off work for what turned out NOT to be out-of-control asthma. Now, five-and-a-half months and a lot of kerfuffle later, I'm returning to work tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone for helping me get through the last few months and keeping a smile on my face with your friendship and support and porn.

Just for the sake of symmetry, I thought I'd re-read [ profile] septemberoses' brilliant Copenhagen series. This time I remembered to eat first so as not to clear out the refrigerator later.
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I’ve got that warm fuzzy feeling from being so well looked-after by everyone on my birthday.

I had a spectacular time with my girls in London, and I want to thank [ profile] cassie_black12 (why not come out a window?), [ profile] accioscar (wants ALL the Viking cock), [ profile] cleo_jay (kind of like a tipsy Martha Stewart), [ profile] delorispea (locked in the dungeon), [ profile] mayfly_78 (now, can you draw me this and this and this, and that’s all, thanks), [ profile] felidaeryl (new Appletini initiate), [ profile] meredyth_13 (she got me Michael Biehn, yes!!!), [ profile] phoenix_on_ice (and her breasts) and [ profile] lkaet (OMG, I’m so drunk, FML!) for making the journey into town and helping me celebrate!

Behold, the cake [ profile] cleo_jay made for me! With little hearts and glitter on it.

And whaddya know, Stolis DOES mix with everything. Which I had for breakfast. Then, rather inebriated but not at all anaemic, I went out and bought myself this, (which [ profile] meredyth_13 and [ profile] privatebozz will appreciate), since Mr Nursedarry keeps teasing me about how there should be one of these running around the house since my operation. Wanker.

But look! I also got fic and art about children’s television characters and shenanigans with hammers, and Aurors dressed in silk scarves, and wonderful engagement fic and argument fic, and a brilliant birthday card, yes!!

Marv Absolutely Definitely Does Not Have a Tattoo by [ profile] treacle_tartlet.
God and Hammer by [ profile] nicevenn.
Shall We Go? by [ profile] citrus_lime.
Here’s the Thing by [ profile] tigersilver.
A Wilful Partner by [ profile] enchanted_jae.
Smexy H/D Birthday Card by [ profile] mayfly_78.

This bunch of crazies all sent me comments, v-gifts, birthday wishes and fun graphics:
[ profile] lillyrm, [ profile] winter_june, [ profile] jtsbbsps_dk, [ profile] starry_diadem, [ profile] moonlitdark, [ profile] faithwood, [ profile] bryoneybrynn, [ profile] nenne, [ profile] teganscrush, [ profile] kitty_fic, [ profile] steamyaffair, [ profile] fancypantsdylan, [ profile] queenie_mab, [ profile] fire_juggler, [ profile] goldlost, [ profile] lijahlover, [ profile] thepretender501, [ profile] ariannagray, [ profile] alisanne, [ profile] frost, [ profile] megyal, [ profile] njphelps, [ profile] subtlefire, [ profile] oncelikeshari, [ profile] frayach, [ profile] wincest_drarry, [ profile] wemyss, [ profile] privatebozz, [ profile] elkica, [ profile] lady_of_clunn, [ profile] pottermalfoyyum, [ profile] blamebrampton, [ profile] groolover and [ profile] dysonrules tried to sing to me again. *sigh*

If I have missed you out, please spank me, then comment – I’ll make sure to amend this post. (Then spank me again.)
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Well, will travel half-an-hour down the road, at least.

Birthday Weekend in London check-list:

1. Fan-girls and friends coming in from the the four corners of the UK (and even further) to help celebrate?
✓ Check

2. Money on my Oyster Card (for riding the Tube)?
✓ Check

3. Booking made at restaurant known for awesome margaritas (food, what food)?
✓ Check

4. Booking made at alcoholic ice cream parlour with the smokin' hot waiters?
✓ Check, although we'll be lucky if they let us in again after last time...

5. Body working like it should be (finally)?
✓ Check, although it's wearing a dodgy spray tan

6. Hubs sorting out kids and then taking off to the North Sea the day after I get back? (That's actually a good thing as we're driving each other nuts both being at home all day).
✓ Check

7. Someone organising a present that's boy-shaped and meets my boy-shaped-present criteria? (Probably best left to [ profile] cassie_black12 or [ profile] accioscar.)
✔ ✔ Bloody well better be.

8. The presence of another medical professional aside from myself, because I'm not going to be good for anything but mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
✓ Check

9. All you guys?

See you later! No doubt someone will be drunk-posting regular updates.
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Hello everyone! Yes, some of this barely-controlled joy is pharmaceutically derived, but it's also the result of sleeping well, eating well AND FINALLY HAVING THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF CIRCULATING OXYGEN IN MY BODY.

I came home from hospital yesterday. It is very weird to think that exactly this time last week, I was on an operating table with a bunch of people's hands in my chest. I have an enormous scar now, but at least my heart is working like it should be! A good trade, I think. Evidently, it wasn't pretty: my heart had become "grossly enlarged" and my pulmonary veins were more of a mess than the angiogram and MRI had indicated. The surgeon fixing them was able to re-route them all to the left atrium. I had my mitral valve repaired (annuloplasty), with the aid of some Gore-tex sutures to replace a couple chordae tendineae and a synthetic ring (for which the other surgeon gave me the serial number - in case of recall, I guess - EEEK!) There's a chance that I'll eventually need the valve replaced, but not any time in the near future. They also performed a pulmonary vein ablation procedure to control my atrial fibrillation.

The following people should be sainted for acting above and beyond the call of duty with their visits, gifts and hand-holding whilst I was being jabbed and lines and drains were being yanked out of me: [ profile] meredyth_13, [ profile] accioscar, [ profile] mayfly_78 and [ profile] felidaeryl. [ profile] sati_lotus kept me laughing and I even got a nice tweet from my favourite True Blood vampire - THANK YOU, ALLAN!

Huge thanks also goes to [ profile] alovelycupoftea, [ profile] vaysh11, [ profile] groolover and [ profile] dysonrules for finishing up [ profile] hd_remix. I owe you my mod life, ladies!

Finally, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HERE for your lovely messages, vgifts, e-cards, emails, healing thoughts, and well-wishes. I could NOT have got through this as easily as I did without my internet friends, and I thank god for all of you.

I'm still going to be lying low on LJ for awhile whilst healing and getting back fully into RL, but it should be back to business as usual in the virtual world in the next few months.

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...I'm on them :)

My physiotherapist tried to kill me earlier by making me stand up and I am wired up to so many machines, it isn't funny, but I'm still here!

I'll report back later when it doesn't take half an hour to type one sentence. *waves*
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Hi everyone, here's the latest:

After hearing nothing about my op, I rang the surgeon's secretary after yet another sleepless night, and cried down the phone at her - just call me Meryl Streep. I was absolutely exhausted and probably a wee bit over-wrought, but it worked and she rang back the next day to tell me my operation had been scheduled for the 4th of April. But when I went to the Heart Hospital yesterday for my pre-admission visit, I was informed it had been moved to next Wednesday, the 28th.

The hospital is very nice, not big, and I was able to meet a lot of people. Had a chest X-Ray, saw the pharmacist, the dentist – yes, you have to have dental approval for cardiac surgery, saw a doc, had bloods and swabs taken and got to see the cardiac intensive care unit. Had a good chance to ask questions and met the head patient-liaison nurse, who’s very nice, but who will be skiing whilst I’m in hospital - bitch. My blood tests all came back fine so I’ll stay overnight in London on Tuesday in hospital accommodation and then be admitted to the ward on Wednesday morning. I don’t know if I’m first or second on the list – I won’t know till the day before. I was first.

The surgery will last about 5 hours and there’s a very long list of drips and drains and various other machines that go ping I’ll wake up attached to. I should be up and sitting in a chair on Thursday and walking around by the weekend, when Doug and the kids come to visit - Doug's back tonight for however long I need him to be.

I’m in CICU for a few days and then transferred to the ward for a few more. I should be back home about a week after the operation. Then I have a long list of follow-up appointments and rehab. I think all of that is in Reading.

I’ll have my phone and my netbook and there’s WiFi access at the hospital, I think, so I’ll try log on to leave a short post to let you know I'm okay.

Thanks again for all of the wonderful support and messages! Wish me luck. ♥


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