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Hello flist! Yes, it's meeeee! I know I kinda disappeared in a puff of Real Life, and am about to do so again, but I need to resurface to say a few things.

Firstly, profound thanks needs to be given to [ profile] mayfly_78 for the gorgeous animated In the Garden of Eden, which was gifted to me as a remix of my In the Beginning. It's simply stunning. If you've not seen it, I urge you to go have a look. Also, huge thanks to the [ profile] hd_remix mods for running such a brilliant fest! Xx. I wrote a little something for [ profile] megyal, called Anywhere is Here. It's a continuation of her very fun RPS If You Could Be Anywhere. I like to think that all actually happened, Y/y?

And if you're in desperate need of more fluffy smut, this time of a Trek slant, I updated my Perfectly Reckless (Khirk) series today with Hotel Medbay. It's not a long update, but an important one. There will be more. Promise. *wink* (LOL, sorry.)

In RL news, things continue to go well: still have a job I love, a big old Georgian house that's slowly getting a face lift, kids who mostly behave (they'll be 10 this year - WTF?), Mr Nursedarry continues to build wind turbines and still enjoys it, and our connoisseur cat, who's keen to supplement our diets with numerous birds and rodents, is enjoying the changing season immensely.

This weekend sees me down in London again, schmoozing with my gorgeous fangirl friends, and rubbing shoulders with T.Hiddy and the beautiful people on the red carpet at the Oliviers.

I'll leave you with a bit of randomness - borne of strange dreams and a couple vodka tonics. The other night, for absolutely no good reason, and with an enormous repertoire of fantasy men and women to choose from, my subconscious pulled out the Gilligan's Island episode where Mary Ann falls and bangs her head and thinks she's Ginger. I even woke up with the strains of I Wanna Be Loved By You tinkling through my head. Anyone remember that? It's not even my favourite episode! So, tell me, what was yours? I loved that show and would like to hear your fond memories (or hated ones).

I'm ready to sit right back and hear your tale...Oh yes...Professor...mmmmm....boopboopedoo.
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I posted the last of the FuckYeahKhirk 30-day OTP ficlets last week (prompt: Getting Married). I think the AO3 Harrison feed picked it up, so pretty sure everyone here who wanted to see it will have seen it via Tumblr or AO3 already.

In any case, here's the link if you didn't and you want some cracky Khirk: He Shoots, He Scores! Rated T, and pretty damn silly.
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Title: Break In
Fandom/Pairings Star Trek (AOS)/Khirk
Rating: soft R
Word Count: ~8K
Warnings: Probably OOC.
Summary: Could be a prequel to What the Tribble Saw; getting-together fic. Nothing to see here, move along. Do not disturb. No, really, stop knocking on the damned door and go away.
Notes: This is a bit disjointed and Jim goes from WTF? to OMG! way too fast, but it’s done and I’ll pick at it later. As ever, I couldn’t do this without my I’m-never-gonna-get-past-the-Next-Gen beta, [ profile] delphipsmith. Okay, yeah, so I may have a slight thing for Khan’s hair, it gets mentioned a lot in this story. Written for [ profile] ithiel_dragon, cause she’s awesome and writes her John H as my John H. The title of this fic is taken from the song of the same name by Halestorm. Many thanks to lokis-angel-writer for directing me to it. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful and so very fitting during the film and beyond, considering the message is and will be – if we follow AOS canon – forever relevant.

Posted to read when your family starts irritating the shit out of you this holiday season. (See what I did there?)

Hosted on AO3
Yeah, it's perfectly reckless..
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Title: What the Tribble Saw
Fandom/Pairings Star Trek (AOS) Khirk, blink-and-you-miss-it Spock/Uhura
Artwork: [ profile] botanycameos
Rating: PG13
Word Count: ~2100
Warnings: Tooth-rotting fluff and Len being Len.
Summary: Woken up and so busted over a game of squash. Post ST:ID. McCoy-centric. Sort of a sequel to Break In.
Notes: This is not my best fic, or even my best head-canon. There’s some lovely sleepy!Khirk fic out there which is much sweeter than this – kurohachi on A03 writes some great stuff, and you’ll recognise her themes in here. This fic came about because I demanded the amazing ID fangirl and artist, [ profile] botanycameos, make me some sleepy!Khirk art, and I bribed her with this fic. Written in an hour and quickly whizzed past my long-suffering beta, [ profile] delphipsmith.
Spoiler: The link to the art is at the end of the fic. I love the pesky inquisitive tribble.

Hosted on AO3
Shall we begin?
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Tomorrow I'm off to London for a few bottles of lunch and a couple nice reunions.

IF I can be trusted with my phone (I've already sent messages to two random people this morning in a vain attempt to wish [ profile] legolaslover77 a happy birthday - hope they like True Blood), I'll tweet/text some updates, and try very hard to make them topical and not just a continuation of my rant about ID fic, which I'm just now finding time to catch up on.

Not promising anything.

What's everyone else up to?


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