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May. 26th, 2016 10:47 am
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Yes, I've been away forever - first marooned on another planet, and now back in Stucky hell for the foreseeable - but you guys still remembered here and on Twitter, and WhatsApp, and yes, I'm THAT age this year, and no, I don't feel all that different, but I suspect my parents probably do :)))

I'm not doing anything too special now, but in August I'm off to celebrate another 50th - Star Trek's big birthday, so if you're in Vegas for the convention, please come shout at me. (Also, if anyone here is going to WizardCon in Philli next weekend, please kidnap a present for me. Ta:)
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Woohoo! Finally getting a chance to upload pics from the Sherlocked con. The ticket I had allowed me to meet and get autographs and photos from everyone, and I also spent time catching up with new and old friends, which was actually more amazing than anything else. In addition, I drank endless cups of tea and talked lots and lots of naughtiness with [ profile] vix_spes, [ profile] cleo_jay, and [ profile] meredyth_13, whom I love and adore.

I won't bombard you with loads of photos of me and all the notables - you already know what they look like, and I'm that chick in the pictures with them. However, I have chosen a few that hold special meaning and make me smile each time I see them. If you want to see the others, just shout and I'll post them.

On the whole, the staff and the stars were lovely and all were having a good time. A couple of them were also very patient with me who, despite the theme, insisted on talking Trek and True Blood ...

(Also, I may have flirted with Lars. A lot.)

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I just had the most awesomebrilliantridiculouslysqueeful weekend.
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Overdue post is sort of...overdue.

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Thank you and Kinkfest recs )

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My broken heart )

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Right, that's enough of my blathering for now. Hearts to anyone I may have missed and thank you all again for keeping me in your thoughts.


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