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Yup, it was awesome, I laughed and cried through the whole film. IT IS A MUST, MUST, MUST SEE - I'm not joking here, folks. The [true] story is amazing and the performances were flawless. The soundtrack, by Alexandre Desplat (whose name Potter fans will know), is evocative and simply gorgeous.

The viewing was made even more poignant - if that were even possible - knowing that along with the cast, Turing's family were in the audience with us.

We actually had tickets to the film the following day as well, and it was even better the second time around.

Had a brief, but nice exchange with The Man on the red carpet and again a little later after the show (and shook hands), and had the bestest time schmoozing at the after party.

Here's a couple of photos )

Okay, it did occur to me that for the most part, the only celebs I mingled with were both CGI motion-captured characters from The Hobbit, but that was just kind of coincidental.
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Cabin Pressure1
Photo by Mirror TV cause mine aren't this good.

SQUEE! I had front row seats! I won't give away the plot, but the episode was BRILLIANT!

♥ Big squishy thanks to John Finnemore for a great night and the lovely chat. (I think I'm a little in love.)

♥ Big girly thanks to Anthony Head for the most surreal conversation ever (primarily a discussion about Gold Blend coffee and how much I love his audiorecordings of Greg Cox's The Eugenics Wars), and the nice cuddle. *giggles like an idiot*

♥ Big woolly thanks to Benedict C for the kind words and for letting me fondle the cardigan...'cause I do love that man in a cardi.
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Those of you who know me will know I have a thing for Allan Hyde. (Yeah, all right, shut up.)

Well, a few weeks ago, thanks to the wonderful staff at and the organisers of the Vampire Ball, the video-tastic [ profile] jelly_baby23 and I got a chance to meet and interview him.

Clearly, I'm no pro: it's unlikely Mike Wallace ever asked about a favourite porridge recipe (luckily for you that's been edited from this version), and it's doubtful Kate Adie ever gazed into anyone’s eyes in order to see if all the fanfic authors got the colour right. (They did.) Thankfully, I also had some legitimate questions given to me to ask him.

So, here's the gorgeous Godric and my stupid transatlantic accent.

Note: spoilers for True Blood, Season 5
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I'm sorry this is so late, but here's a big THANK YOU to [ profile] sra_danvers, [ profile] capitu, [ profile] knowmefirst, and [ profile] invidious for the groovy pencils, and [ profile] sassy_cissa, [ profile] goldylost, [ profile] knowmefirst, [ profile] ldydark1, [ profile] joan_waterhouse, [ profile] nenne, [ profile] kayladie for the adorable pandas!

I'm shattered; work is crazy with flu season starting next week and the NHS restructuring is landing on my desk soon. Also, my referral to the gym for Phase IV of cardiac rehab came through, and I am spending all my free time (!) there. I actually cried when I got on the cross-trainer. IKR, WTF? But I was just so delighted to get back to the gym after nearly a year.

Anyway, I'm taking a break this weekend and going to this for absolutely no reason. *cough*
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Hello everyone! Yes, some of this barely-controlled joy is pharmaceutically derived, but it's also the result of sleeping well, eating well AND FINALLY HAVING THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF CIRCULATING OXYGEN IN MY BODY.

I came home from hospital yesterday. It is very weird to think that exactly this time last week, I was on an operating table with a bunch of people's hands in my chest. I have an enormous scar now, but at least my heart is working like it should be! A good trade, I think. Evidently, it wasn't pretty: my heart had become "grossly enlarged" and my pulmonary veins were more of a mess than the angiogram and MRI had indicated. The surgeon fixing them was able to re-route them all to the left atrium. I had my mitral valve repaired (annuloplasty), with the aid of some Gore-tex sutures to replace a couple chordae tendineae and a synthetic ring (for which the other surgeon gave me the serial number - in case of recall, I guess - EEEK!) There's a chance that I'll eventually need the valve replaced, but not any time in the near future. They also performed a pulmonary vein ablation procedure to control my atrial fibrillation.

The following people should be sainted for acting above and beyond the call of duty with their visits, gifts and hand-holding whilst I was being jabbed and lines and drains were being yanked out of me: [ profile] meredyth_13, [ profile] accioscar, [ profile] mayfly_78 and [ profile] felidaeryl. [ profile] sati_lotus kept me laughing and I even got a nice tweet from my favourite True Blood vampire - THANK YOU, ALLAN!

Huge thanks also goes to [ profile] alovelycupoftea, [ profile] vaysh11, [ profile] groolover and [ profile] dysonrules for finishing up [ profile] hd_remix. I owe you my mod life, ladies!

Finally, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE HERE for your lovely messages, vgifts, e-cards, emails, healing thoughts, and well-wishes. I could NOT have got through this as easily as I did without my internet friends, and I thank god for all of you.

I'm still going to be lying low on LJ for awhile whilst healing and getting back fully into RL, but it should be back to business as usual in the virtual world in the next few months.


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