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I'll just leave this here...


You know what to do.

Happy New Year to old friends and new friends, old fandoms, new fandoms, and all the rest of the original lyrics to that song, 'cause I'm sure Rabbie Burns was a fangirl!

And please don't break the Internet tomorrow

Darry Xx
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Title: Break In
Fandom/Pairings Star Trek (AOS)/Khirk
Rating: soft R
Word Count: ~8K
Warnings: Probably OOC.
Summary: Could be a prequel to What the Tribble Saw; getting-together fic. Nothing to see here, move along. Do not disturb. No, really, stop knocking on the damned door and go away.
Notes: This is a bit disjointed and Jim goes from WTF? to OMG! way too fast, but it’s done and I’ll pick at it later. As ever, I couldn’t do this without my I’m-never-gonna-get-past-the-Next-Gen beta, [ profile] delphipsmith. Okay, yeah, so I may have a slight thing for Khan’s hair, it gets mentioned a lot in this story. Written for [ profile] ithiel_dragon, cause she’s awesome and writes her John H as my John H. The title of this fic is taken from the song of the same name by Halestorm. Many thanks to lokis-angel-writer for directing me to it. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful and so very fitting during the film and beyond, considering the message is and will be – if we follow AOS canon – forever relevant.

Posted to read when your family starts irritating the shit out of you this holiday season. (See what I did there?)

Hosted on AO3
Yeah, it's perfectly reckless..
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I've got EVEN MORE stuff - [ profile] lomonaaeren has gifted me with the most beautiful sleepy!H/D and I can't thank her enough.

This day has been brilliant.

Pad over to the big bed and climb in with these two as they learn to trust one another and themselves. Then just bask in the warmth of it all.

Fear, Beauty, Courage, Glory
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Just for change of pace, I also prompted a pairing I don't often read, but I can see so easily:

Snape appears in Malfoy Manor (as a ghost, as human, just as long as he can feel and communicate) on the first Christmas Eve after the War. Lucius finds him by the fire in the drawing room. All Snape knows is that he can't stay there for long.

I'd love this to be romantic/sweet rather than smutty - don't need a high rating, just a bit of angst and a lot of "awww." These are two hardened and ebil men; they'd have trouble showing/discussing their feelings, so it might be a little awkward to have a cuddle or romantic moment, but they try anyway. I'm after bittersweet here - happy ending not required, but closure is.

And did my Mystery Author deliver?

Oh yes, s/he did! It'll make you smile and cry and awwwwww, and....just go read it!

Christmas Eve, Rated PG
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Yeah, so, this [ profile] mini_fest prompt I put up:

Pairing: Pansy/Ginny
I want PURE FILTH - dirty talk, toys (Christmas presents, maybe?), the works - I draw the line with watersports and scat. Not fussed about the era or infidelity. Want it consensual, that's it. Bring it on.

Challenge accepted. On the Loose, NSFW



Thank you so very much, Mystery Artist. I love it.

True Genius

Dec. 5th, 2013 02:17 pm
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Do you like True Blood?

Then you must watch this.

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Title: What the Tribble Saw
Fandom/Pairings Star Trek (AOS) Khirk, blink-and-you-miss-it Spock/Uhura
Artwork: [ profile] botanycameos
Rating: PG13
Word Count: ~2100
Warnings: Tooth-rotting fluff and Len being Len.
Summary: Woken up and so busted over a game of squash. Post ST:ID. McCoy-centric. Sort of a sequel to Break In.
Notes: This is not my best fic, or even my best head-canon. There’s some lovely sleepy!Khirk fic out there which is much sweeter than this – kurohachi on A03 writes some great stuff, and you’ll recognise her themes in here. This fic came about because I demanded the amazing ID fangirl and artist, [ profile] botanycameos, make me some sleepy!Khirk art, and I bribed her with this fic. Written in an hour and quickly whizzed past my long-suffering beta, [ profile] delphipsmith.
Spoiler: The link to the art is at the end of the fic. I love the pesky inquisitive tribble.

Hosted on AO3
Shall we begin?
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I got beautiful, beautiful fanart!

It's a happy/tragi story with some of the loveliest art with one of my favourite things, ever - grabbing and playing with each others hair! Yeah, I love that, I can see it, I think all my fandom OTPs do it (hell, I KNOW they do!).

I am so in love with this, I just want to sink my hands into their hair myself and tell them both it'll be okay... WOW. Happy sigh.

Thank you so much, Mystery Artist.
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Tomorrow I'm off to London for a few bottles of lunch and a couple nice reunions.

IF I can be trusted with my phone (I've already sent messages to two random people this morning in a vain attempt to wish [ profile] legolaslover77 a happy birthday - hope they like True Blood), I'll tweet/text some updates, and try very hard to make them topical and not just a continuation of my rant about ID fic, which I'm just now finding time to catch up on.

Not promising anything.

What's everyone else up to?
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My bad!fic bingo card. Which is all [ profile] phoenixacid's fault.

Smooshing pairing names Altering a character's appearance to fit stereotype Misuse of homophones/similar words Crossposting to communities Speech tags/punctuation fail
Blackmailing for comments Misuse of adverbs or adjectives SPAG errors in header Bad POV switches Turning a good/evil character evil/good without justification
Random foreign language/iconography usage OOC characters OOC vocabulary/speech patterns Canon fail
Mary Sue/Gary Stu Bad euphemisms/adjectives for sex/genitalia Misspelled character names Questionable sexual practices Excessive word emphasis
Textspeak Epithet abuse Everyone is bi/gay Excessive purple prose Character bashing

Challenge excaccepted... My star choice was "Dodgy Crossover."

Title: Strictly Come Drarry
Author: [ profile] nursedarry</>
Ranting: Hard R
Word count: 947
Warnings: Slash, Femmeslash
Summery: Harry and Draco enter the Hogwart’s Yule Ball Dance Competition. During 8th year, there's a Yule ball with a difference.
Notes: This is Week One. There’ll be more later IF you think this is good. You know what to do, right????? Thank you, thank you, thank you to my eleven betas for all the fabulous suggestions – ILU guys SO MUCH!!!!!! Cross-posted to harrydraco_4evah, hd_snoogliverse, hd_dancing, hd_crossover, A03,, and Dreamwidth.

Does anyone here know how to put stuff under a cut? LOL! SORRY!!!!

After the War, as a treat to the returning 7th and 8th years, co-headmasters Snape & McGonagall decided to spice up the next Yule Ball. Since their honeymoon to Argentina a year ago, they had wanted to hold a dance competition at Hogwarts. Lucius Malfoy, and his beautiful wife Narssica, had agreed to be the hosts of the competition. Now all they needed were judges. Headmaster Snap called in his good friends Remus Lupin and Sirius Black, who themselves, had been Hogwarts’ jitterbug champions in the ‘70s. When Voldamort heard about the competition (he had been reincarnated by yet another one of Seamus’s potions gone wrong), he decided that rather than extoll the Forces of evil, he’d be the next Len Goodman, and offered his services as Head Judge. All the adults had a good laugh over this and happily placed Voldamort at the judges table. They were still one judge short though, and Mcgonnagol suggested that one of the students should be among there group, as it was important to remember the younger generation had been so very affected by the wartime events. It was decided that Hermione would be the student representative on the judging panel, because she was a girl and would know about dancing. Also, since her split with Ron (Harry had split with Ginny too after she had lied to Harry about being pregnant and insisted he marry her), Hermione needed something to get her back into feeling girly. Everyone had a good laugh about this, too, because since becoming a couple with Pansy, Hermione had felt nothing but girly!

Right now she was locked in her room with Pansy. Hermione looked up when there was a sharp rap on the door.

“Don’t move,” Pansy ordered. “I’m not done worshiping your body.” The frizzy-chestnut-haired girl laid back on her bed while Pansy went back to kissing her nether lips. Not long after, Hermione’s orgasm ripped through her and she screamed her pleasure. Pansy changed her position under the blanket.

“Your going to be late, ‘Mione,” Harry shouted through the door.

“Pansy, we’ll just have to try double-fisting some other time,” Hermione said to her lover.

“Alright,” grumbled Pansy.

Harry walked back to the boys’s dorm that he shared with his boyfriend Draco and Theo and Blaise. They were all taking part in the dancing competition and were getting ready.

Harry admired his partners lithe alabaster body. Draco had gotten taller and toned in the last year, as well as growing his hair out, and Harry and him looked like they were made for each other. The two ex-rivals were tipped to win the dancing competition because of Harry’s natural innate dancing ability and Draco’s years of tap lessons.

Next to them, Blaise adjusted Theo’s bowtie. They were also in the competition, and were looking forward to giving the other boys a run for their money. “You’re gonna lose, Potter,” Blaise taunted.

Malfoy leaned into the Gryffindor, whispering against the shell of his ear. “Don’t listen, love. You dance just as good as him.” Harry beamed at the praise.

The Great Hall looked as though Dumbledore himself had come down from Heaven to bless the school. There were candy canes adorning the walls, and snow gently fell from the ceiling but melted into wisps of ethereal magic before reaching the occupants.

On a raised dias at one end of the Hall sat the four judges, each with numbered paddles in front of them on a long table. In front of the expectant congregation of students, stood Lucius Malfoy, now redeemed and in charge of the new Ministry. His gorgeous wife wore a stunning gown of shimmering silk that perfectly matched her icy complexion.

“The place looks awesome,” Snape said, as he held hands with his wife, resplendent in her tartan kilt. “Not as awesome as you,” said Minerva, as she drank in her husbands’ appearance – he wore a stunning black suit with matching tie.

After a few jokes from Lucius, the competition began. Some Hufflepuff couples danced first and then it was the Slytherin’s turn. Theo jumped up and down in Blaise’s arms when Voldemort and Remus both gave them 8s.

Harry was unsure as he stepped onto the floor, but in Draco’s capable arms, he felt light as a feather, dancing as if born to it, and they quickly won the admiration of all assembled. Even Lucius had to admit that his son and his boyfriend’s dancing took his breath away. Next to him, Narcissa quietly sobbed with pride.

When the boys had finished their dance, the scores were read out. “That was a-maz-ing,” Remus enthused. Next to him Hermione said, “The chassé sequence was beautiful, the jetés were performed together. It had a certain je ne sais quoi about it, that I just… I can’t put into words.”

Harry didn't understand her, but next to him Draco smiled. “I’ll tell you later, love.” Harry smiled back.

Next, Voldamort beamed at them, smiling, his newly human face lighting up the room almost as if in tribute to the ghost of the old headmaster. “It was perfect,” he said. “You truly are the Chosen Ones.”

Sirius was on his feet. “That was just really, really, really fantastic! I felt as though I was watching your father!” Harry couldn’t have asked for a better complement.

All four judges gave them 10s, the first and only time that happened in the history of any Hogwarts’ competition.

At the celebration, Ron – his mouth full of bacon – shouted to Harry down the table. “Sure beats going after those 6 Horcruxes, eh Harry?”

Voldamort looked over at the boys in confusion. “There weren’t 6 Horcruxes; there were SE-VEN!”


Apologies to anyone who watches Strictly. In fact, apologies to everyone everywhere.
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So, I'm moving next week and hopefully, by the end of the month, I'll be back in the fandom saddle, ready to tackle [ profile] mini_fest and [ profile] hd_remix. What I'm not so ready to tackle is the impending appearance of all my in-laws for the holidays, so I'm ignoring that for the moment.

I am monumentally sorry for missing everyone's birthdays - without the LJ prompt, working from two phone diaries, as well as work being hellaciously busy, I've been TERRIBLE about remembering. I didn't even get [ profile] ladyoneill's card to her in time, and I've known when her birthday is for the last 30 years! I've tried to PM or comment to everyone I've missed, and if I've forgotten you, please tell me and I'll post some fitting remark or pester you via PM. *irons ears and makes remembering birthdays NY resolution*

This is a flying visit but I'll bore you with this meme just before running away again.


1. Of all my senses, I value my sense of smell most. It is the most evocative and grounding sense I possess. And in case you were curious, coffee is my favourite smell of all.

2. I used to slash Jason and Speed Racer. Racer X was mine. ALL MINE!

3. I actually enjoy doing laundry.

4. I love wellie boots almost as much as [ profile] cassie_black12 loves mittens.

5. It's no secret I'm a fan of ink but I'm not the first person in my family to have tattoos. Unlike my great aunt and uncle, though, I was able to choose what they were and where on my body they should be.

6. Boy by Book of Love is my all-time favourite song ever. This will come as no big surprise to most of you.

7. I'm more than a little depressed that I can no longer donate blood/bone marrow or any of my organs.

8. I have two favourite fandom boyfriends. In character, one of them is 30 years younger than me and the other is 1,953 years older. Funnily enough, they're both the same age in RL (at least for half the year).

9. Although I've always had cats in my family, and I love them, I really, really want a dog. A big one.

10. My fandom name is made up from the names of a real baseball player and a fictional astronaut.
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Twelve years ago today, I joined LJ. As you can probably imagine, the following day's RL events rather overtook most of our lives, and although my listserves were buzzing back then, my flist was relatively quiet for nearly a year.

BUT, I thought the anniversary was worth noting. And as much as the administration of Live Journal continues to disappoint me with its unceasing efforts to conform to other sites, this place will always be special to me because of YOU.

I've had an exciting(!) last 12 years, and although fandom loyalties and the popularity of new social networking spaces occasionally drive us further afield, it's still you lot - my flist, my fandom family - that keeps me faithfully and firmly here.


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Hi all, I won't be around much in the next week - the kids and I are off to Edinburgh to visit my in-laws. And of course, I still have a million things to do. Rather inconveniently, Mr Nursedarry is currently sitting atop a wind turbine in the Irish Sea. What makes this particularly annoying (aside from not having him here to help pack) is that:

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary! )

Some of you on LJ were coerced into attending the festivities in Seattle ten years ago, including my Wedding Diva [ profile] kilter, two of my beautiful bridesmaids [ profile] delphipsmith and [ profile] ladyoneill, as well as [ profile] ellie4prez, my officiant. (Who did what a lot of wedding guests do - got off with another guest - my brother-in-law. WOOHOO!) Thanks again ladies and everyone else who contributed to make the day a brilliant and very special one.

There are also two other big events in August that I need to acknowledge. On Monday, my dear old dad - and I DO mean old - is going to be 98. We're already planning the party in 2015. He's a wonderful man, and has so many great stories to tell. Since he likes to talk as much as me, I think I've heard them all now!

It's also my children's birthday next week. They're outgrowing shoes and clothes faster than I can get new ones and they have the most ridiculous smiles with mouthfuls of different-sized teeth. I've played Tooth Fairy in the last year more times than I can remember! (And when I say "played Tooth Fairy", I mean I say "Go get 50p from Mummy's purse", because I'm getting tired of staying up to do it and Mr Nursedarry always forgets!)

Anyway, here's a picture of the old man and the young man when we were visiting the States last year. My father is in a wheelchair in this pic as he'd just had a small op on one of his legs right before we visited. He's back up and around now, albeit slowly.

I love how they both seem to have the same appetite, especially for chocolate cake. )

And because his sister will get jealous if I don't put something in here for her,

here's the little SlytherPuff in the local paper from when we went to the town Fair a month ago. )

Finally, the contracts for the house have been signed and we hope to exchange in a few weeks - we need Mr Nursedarry home for that - and then YAY, that big, beautiful 218-year-old Georgian house is OURS! In a funny coincidence, the new-build house we were going to buy has been purchased by our vendor's father and the family whose house we're buying is moving into that whilst they house-hunt for another.

Anyway, all for now! No doubt I'll be drunk-tweeting most of you from bonny Scotland.

I suck!

Jul. 30th, 2013 05:57 pm
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I fail at fandom at the moment. I apologise and hope to make amends, but don't expect too much too soon - RL, as good as it's been, is eating my brain!

* I love my new(ish) job. I say newish as it's the same job, but in a different location. Which means I have to learn a completely new geography and work with completely new people. Which I love, as I've said, but also requires a lot of time and energy at the moment.

* I love my new town. (See above for excuses for why this is taking up time and energy.) It also means kids are getting used to a new school (or they were before summer holidays), are making new friends and are wanting to go everywhere of interest in the NW, which means (see above).

* We've found a great house we want to buy. It's large, full of character and 218 years old, which means extensive and expensive surveys and delay, delay, delay. I'm on the phone almost every day arranging things to do with the purchase. BUT, when it's ours, it will be brilliant, because it's going to be a great place for having friends over. Wo0T! And family. Wo0T? Which yes, means we may be hosting the family Christmas, which is going to (see above blah, blah, blah).

* My health is getting better and better. I've been slowly fixing all the fiddly things that needed fixing but that got put on hold during the cardiac woes (teeth, primarily), BUT as the nearest NHS dentist is 10 miles away and the kids need to go there too (see above, yadda yadda yadda). Although, I'm not sure why I even bothered with an NHS dentist. Even with NHS rates, what I've needed has been so expensive, I've probably paid the difference in petrol.

Anyway, what this boils down to is that I won't be A) doing any holiday exchange fests this year and B) not attending the HP Meet-Up. *sadface*

What I will be doing is spending a week in Edinburgh during August if anyone wants to get together then, and also signing up for [ profile] hd_remix (if it's happening and there's oodles of writing time) and [ profile] hds_beltane. If I can manage it, I might give [ profile] mini_fest a go, if that's running, but I can't promise anything.

I'll pop up shortly to say happy birthday to July (belatedly) and August flisties as soon as I can sort out where to find all the birthdays - I thought even though the homepage changed, there was still a list somewhere. Help?


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Right, first the stuff that can't be cut!

Once again, I was unable to write for [ profile] hd_smoochfest (I need to have a word with the mods to try to get them to work better around my schedule) but I DID manage to throw down a prompt. And that prompt was picked up and masterfully filled with the funniest, awkward bonded-to-the-bum-and-then-have-tea-with-the-future-in-laws fic imaginable. I urge you all to stick yourself firmly to The Dangers of Faulty Handwriting and then squee all over it.

In addition - these super-sweet flisties all have birthdays this month and I'm sorry this mention is a bit delayed.

[ profile] phoenix_on_ice (my future wife), [ profile] disapparater, [ profile] kiraohara, [ profile] the_flic, [ profile] winter_june, [ profile] autumn_veela, [ profile] suelink, [ profile] geminai5, [ profile] jelly_baby23, [ profile] fr333bird, [ profile] enchanted_jae, [ profile] adelev, [ profile] infernallysly, [ profile] mizorekibishi, [ profile] moon_foot, [ profile] crystalp734, [ profile] becoming_wen, [ profile] lilyevans102, [ profile] otakuwench, [ profile] angelpoppet, [ profile] goldylost, [ profile] tray_la_la, [ profile] moonlitdark, [ profile] lttlelola, [ profile] lea_anberlyn

Please enjoy these choccies and have a wonderful day!

And speaking of birthdays, this is for everyone!

I'm trying to thank everyone individually who sent lovely stuff and birthday wishes, so if you've not heard from me yet, you should by the end of the weekend. If you don't, please hit me with a very large wad of money stick, and I'll be sure to be in touch.

Also, as many of you already know, I've had to give up co-modding [ profile] crack_broom as my RL gets busier, and I'm very sorry to have to step down. I want to say a HUGE thank you to [ profile] cassie_black12 and [ profile] lore for being the best damn co-mods ever and all the reccers who have helped make the Broom a great place for great fandom goodies. And welcome to new mods [ profile] scarletladyy and [ profile] wwmrsweasleydo!

This is the boring RL move update )

That's all from me for now. I'm still here and am keeping up, back to posting the [ profile] hd_prophet, but just being a bit quiet these days. I know! Colour me surprised!

(TB friends, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me after the 16th:)
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I had a lovely birthday full of cake and wine and a long walk and beautiful weather.

There was also lots of packing.

I'll be posting a proper thank-you when we're all settled next week, but in the meantime, thanks again for all the tweets, PMs, comments, texts, gifts, love, kisses, and friendship.

I'll see you all in a few days from the northwest!

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All the best people were born in May. Right? *dodges tomatoes* But these lovely people and I were, so yay for us!

[ profile] naturegirlrocks, [ profile] alovelycupoftea, [ profile] stellamoon, [ profile] mijeli, [ profile] anisaex, [ profile] rubytuesday5681, [ profile] l3petitemort, [ profile] khasael, [ profile] megyal, [ profile] kilter, [ profile] bookwoman17nm, [ profile] mayflo, [ profile] magicalsibylle, [ profile] sashaminx, [ profile] selana1505, [ profile] lotus_lizzy, [ profile] eyesemerald, [ profile] rickey_a, [ profile] beckybrit, [ profile] eloquent_toast, [ profile] momenti_diversi, [ profile] inkpenchantery, [ profile] tealeaf523, [ profile] starry_diadem, [ profile] laila2605, [ profile] pottermalfoyyum, [ profile] bryoneybrynn, [ profile] dysonrules, [ profile] lillithium, [ profile] sylentnighthowl, [ profile] syrenslure

For us, I have some more cookies!


Yes, we're moving to the rhythm of life, of love, of spring. Okay, that just sounds stupid. Actually, I'M moving, hence I've chosen these cookies.

At the end of May, just after my big day, we're off to (sunny) Lancashire, where I'll be taking up the very same post of Screening and Immunisation Co-ordinator for the Lancashire Area Team. We're moving to a village outside Preston, closer to grandparents, where the kids already have places in the village school and we already have our eye on a lovely house that we can actually afford - YES! I haven't owned property since I saw that first ultrasound scan and promptly sold my flat in Edinburgh to buy a bigger boat car and two of everything!

For anyone feeling compelled to get me a present, please just vouchers from, iTunes or IKEA. Of course, anyone who'd like to get me one or more of my fandom boyfriends, that'd be cool too. Otherwise, I will be more than delighted with virtual hugs, sweets, kisses, fic, art, v-gifts and NWS photos. THANK YOU!
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Hey all my Trubie friends: [ profile] godriceric is running a Flashback Challenge! If you've got a favourite era/scene you'd like to see or share, or both, get over there quick and tell everyone about it!

Also, our new Masterlist of Fanworks is now up, and there's plenty more where that came from on the comm.
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Happy Birthday to all of my lovely April flisties: [ profile] winnett, [ profile] linnyling, [ profile] booksmartmione, [ profile] sapphy_kitty, [ profile] anabel100, [ profile] shantismurf, [ profile] motsarang, [ profile] anexiana, [ profile] cassie_black12, [ profile] rebecca_selene, [ profile] leonette_sarasz, [ profile] bk7brokemybrain, [ profile] elkica, [ profile] skriftlig, [ profile] critterel, [ profile] geneva2010, [ profile] fire_juggler, [ profile] luvscharlie, [ profile] frost, [ profile] femmequixotic, [ profile] cynaga, [ profile] okydoky, [ profile] gobishops, [ profile] azunga, [ profile] softly_sweetly.

In honour of [ profile] cassie_black12's birth-month, seeing as we share a brain in most things, I tried to find a photo and a cake to represent the fandoms we don't have in common.


photo from "mbeaty77's favorites" on flickriver

ENJOY! Love to you all in your special month.


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