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For my 600th post, I'm putting up a very long, very unusual fic. This was my submission for [ profile] happy_trekmas. I really enjoyed writing this, not least of all because it's so different from what I normally produce (shite), but I also collaborated much more with (read: actually listened to) my beta - who always knows better than me. It's a threesome I don't ship, and it actually has angst and plot and everything!

Title: A Hunger That Never Dies
Rating: R
Series: AOS AU, with references to TOS and DS9 characters and episodes
Pairing/Moresomes: Chris Pike/James Kirk/Leonard McCoy, Leonard McCoy/??? *cough*
Word Count: ~20K
Summary: On an away mission, Captain Pike is…injured. Is he ill, is he mad? Is he even Chris Pike anymore? Can Jim Kirk find a “cure” or will he and Dr McCoy be swept up in the captain’s madness in an attempt to save him. And can the Klingons, Section 31, and the Vulcan Science Academy help them, or just make things worse?
Warnings: Creature, bloodplay/drinking, a bit of gore, discussion of PTSD, angst, dub-con, mind melds
Notes: This story would NEVER have been possible without my beta [ profile] delphipsmith, who was more helpful than the VSA and S31 combined. Also, thanks to [ profile] mildred_bobbin for proofing a fic containing (almost) no one she recognised;) And, of course my brother [ profile] nicevenn, for the leap out of current fandom projects. Xx

I must also mention my wonderful giftfic, a beautifully-crafted Garak/Bashir story which can be read here: The Intervention of Time and Distance, by [ profile] templemarker.
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