Nov. 23rd, 2014

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Had a lovely (but long) day in London yesterday, but totally worth the hours. Penguins of Madagascar is hysterical and definitely will entertain all ages. Personally, I think John Malkovitch deserves a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in it. The kids had a smashing time, they got goodie bags for having brought their penguin toys with them, and although I think my friend Naomi and I may have laughed louder than anyone my children, they loved the film and the attention.

The Barbican is currently running children's animation workshops/drop-in sessions, and my two got to make their own animated animals and learn about the filming process. I'm told their "feature" may be available on-line at some point, so will link to it if it is. (And when I say feature, I'm talking minutes, here:)

The divine [ profile] cleo_jay joined us at the pub, where the kids were equal parts squicked and fascinated by the game hanging up in the place. The food was good and the prosecco inexpensive, so it was win-win for everyone!

Aaaaaaand, because we were right next to the Museum of London, we stopped in to say hello to this handsome fellow.


We then met the multi-talented [ profile] joan_waterhouse, who'd been at RADA showing them her stuff, and we all caught up with the latest fandom gossip, exchanged early Christmas presents, and talked a load of shit for the next few hours, before the kids and I had to hop on a NW-bound train.

Can't wait to meet up with all the loonies again and do this some more over the next few months.



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